A Level Programme

Here at Itchen College, we have been educating students for more than 110 years. We also have over 16 years of experience in supporting international students with their studies. One of the options available to you is our A Level programme.

Course details

This 2 year course builds your subject knowledge, develops your language skills and increases your study techniques in preparation for university and future employment. This course is for academic students with good English who wish to progress to leading universities worldwide.

Course description

You will have 3 A Level subjects plus English language support on your timetable. In the second year you will have IELTS preparation classes.

Click here to see a list of available subjects for you to study.

See below for an example of an A Level Programme timetable.

Progress to the very best universities

A Levels are recognised by universities worldwide and are the UK’s national qualification for 16-19 year olds wishing to progress to degree level courses. 

Specialise according to your talents

You will be able to choose 3 subjects from nearly 40 A Level courses, tailored to your interests and intended career focus. The depth of study is equivalent to the first year of university in many other countries.

Prepare yourself for the challenge of university study

We will teach you vital skills for exam success, such as how to study independently and how to think and argue critically. Our English language classes will support and complement your A Level study and help you reach the IELTS level of 6.0 and above which is needed for university entry. 

Combine with vocational qualifications where appropriate

Vocational qualifications (Level 3) are all or mostly coursework-based, recognised by universities worldwide, and can be taken on their own or combined with A Levels. They provide a more practical, real-world approach to learning alongside a theoretical background.

Example of an A Level Programme timetable