A Level Programme

Here at Itchen College, we have been educating students for more than 110 years. We also have over 16 years of experience in supporting international students with their studies. One of the options available to you is our A Level programme.

A level programme (2 years)

For academic students with good English who wish to progress to leading universities worldwide.

Choose 3 subjects that you enjoy and are good at as well as English (EFL or GCSE English) and Maths GCSE if appropriate. Study in class with our British students and receive at least 4 hours 20 minutes of English classes a week to help you reach the language level required for university entry.


Bruce Zhi Qi - now studying Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Oxford


  1. A Levels are recognised by universities worldwide and every year our international students progress to leading universities in many different countries as well as the UK. Click here to see recent success stories.
  2. There are no compulsory subjects at A Level so you can specialise in 3 subjects that you are good at and enjoy which gives you the best chance of progressing to the university of your choice.
  3. Choose academic or vocational subjects according to your talents. Choose to study A Level subjects only, vocational qualifications only or a combination of both. Vocational subjects are mostly coursework-based, recognised by universities worldwide and provide a more practical, real-world approach to learning. 
  4. Prepare yourself for the challenge of university study. A Levels teach you how to study independently and how to think and argue critically.