UK Education System

The UK education system is respected worldwide. We’re a relatively small country with only 130 universities yet the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, UCL, and Imperial College London are regularly ranked amongst the world’s top 10.

The UK is a welcoming, safe and multicultural country. What better place could there be to study than the birthplace of the English language whose wealth of technological innovation, art, history, and literary culture attracts millions of visitors a year?

Itchen Sixth Form College specialises in preparing 16-19 year olds for university study.

College in the UK is the stage before university. There are no compulsory subjects at A Level but rather students choose a programme according to their interests and intended career focus.

We offer five programmes for international students with different specific aims. Whichever programme you choose, and whenever you start, you will study all or part of the A Level programme in the subjects that interest you with our local students.