Student Diary of a Study Tour

We asked our Study Tour students to write about their time in the UK. Here's what they experienced during their stay at Itchen Sixth Form College!

Day 2 - Trip to London

Good morning. Looking out to the college, I'm looking forward to having classes here.

On our way to London, we saw lots of beautiful houses. We saw Buckingham Palace and London streets. There are many statues on the streets of London. I like the performers and London bus. 

We found Chinatown for lunch and went to the British Museum, where the handicrafts were very delicate. Then we went on the London Eye.

Day 3 - Lessons at Itchen

The weather is not good today, but today is a nice day. Through a period of study, my English made progress. We had English class first. We wrote down our questions about Britain and the teacher answered them. I thanked my teacher for correcting my grammar mistakes. 

Then it was sport time. The teacher taught us how to use our heads to play soccer. It was quite difficult for me. Jason's ball hit my head, but I forgave him. Our teacher played badminton with us and he was so friendly to students.

Then we played a passing game. The teacher made some changes to make the game more interesting. We can also learn English through the game. 

Our lunch was delicious, so we all enjoyed our lunch today. 

In our free time, we went shopping. I bought some DVDs for my classmates. The roadside flowers were very beautiful and I resisted the urge to pick them up. Today was a full day. 

Day 5 - Lessons at Itchen

Today was the third day in college. We took four classes and learned a lot. 

At first we had a PE class which was very different to what I thought as it was a theory class. James taught us about muscles and played a small game. Now I know some muscles' names such as triceps, biceps... 

Next was a photography class. The teacher taught us how to wash pictures. Everyone washed two pictures, it was unbelievable. 

The first class in the afternoon was English class. An old lady taught us, she is very kind and friendly. 

Courses in the UK are very different from those in China. For example, we learned a lot about accounting. In Accounting, we did a small game and to my delight, my group won. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Day 7 - Trip to Cambridge

Today we went to Cambridge. Before we went there, Lucy, my host parent, told us Cambridge is a very beautiful place. I am looking forward to coming. 

Cambridge is a very tidy and beautiful place. It is very big, it looks like a castle. We went shopping. 

Ice cream in England is very delicious. I have experienced the long history of British people. 

Day 13 - Lessons at Itchen

What we did in Photography class today was we took photos in the college imitating a famous photographer. The photos our teacher Chris gave us were taken in the past. The task for us was that we had to take the same photos in the same place, which was quite difficult for us. 

We finally got rice for lunch today. However the British people always eat Thai rice not Chinese. It wasn't like what we eat in China. But I think we still have to thank the chef there to give us such a big meal. 

After we finished our school work, my friend and I went shopping at the town centre. I bought some chocolate for my friends and British tea for my family. I now realise how exciting shopping is and why some people are crazy about it.