A Level

This is a course for those who have a keen interest in the environment and wish to pursue Geography at higher education.

This course is for you if... have an interest in and concern for the environment and current affairs. want the opportunity to carry out practical work outdoors and class work. want to broaden your A Level studies to cover both sciences and humanities.

Where can this course lead to?

Students with Geography have access to a wide range of possible career and higher education opportunities. Geography is one of the Russell Group’s facilitating subjects and is widely regarded for its academic rigour.

Many students choose to use their qualification to go straight into employment rather than on to higher education.  

What will I study on this course?

Unit 1 (30%): Dynamic Landscapes

This unit will cover:

  • Tectonic processes and hazards
  • Landscape systems, processes and change
  • The water cycle and water insecurity
  • The carbon cycle and energy security
  • Climate change futures

Unit 2 (30%): Dynamic Places

This unit will cover:

  • Globalisation
  • Shaping places
  • Superpowers
  • Global development and connections

Unit 3 (20%): Synoptic unit

The synoptic investigation will be based on a geographical issue within a place-based context that links to the three synoptic themes and is rooted in two or more of the compulsory content areas.

Independent Investigation (20%)

The student defines a question or issue for investigation, relating to the subject.

  • The students’ investigation will incorporate fieldwork data and their  own research
  • The fieldwork which forms the focus and context of the individual investigation may be either human, physical or integrated physical-human

Extended opportunities and enrichment

Students will benefit from trips internationally and around the UK to complete practical fieldwork, as well as being able to conduct their own geographical research.

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