Travel & Tourism (single award)

Level 3

If you are interested in a career which will involve travel, working with tourists or being a part of the leisure industry, this is an ideal course. It is available as a single or a double award.

This course is for you if... are interested in a career in the travel industry or in event management.

Where can this course lead to?

The course could lead to direct employment in the travel and tourism industry, with progression opportunities in tourism management. Students are able to progress onto higher education courses such as HNDs and degrees in Travel & Tourism Management and related studies. 

What will I study on this course?

The Level 3 course aims to develop and practise the skills required for employment, with a work placement being an integral part of the course.

Topics will include:

Exam topics

  • The United Kingdom Tourism Product
  • The Dynamics of Tourism (how tourism products and environments are constantly changing)

Controlled assessment topics

  • Worldwide Tourism Destinations
  • Planning Tourism Services (event and itinerary planning)

A variety of learning approaches are used in the department in order to maximise learning and enjoyment. In class, students will work individually, in small groups and as a class. The main learning for the internally assessed units will involve students carrying out research into a range of case studies within the travel and tourism industry.

Extended opportunities and enrichment

Students will have the opportunity to carry out their own research into a range of case studies, as well as benefitting from the national and international trips offered by the department.

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