Travel & Tourism

Level 2

This course is for you if... are interested in a career in the travel industry or in event management.

The course combines well with a wide range of subjects and supports potential career routes into cruise operations, travel agency, tourism management, resort rep jobs and cabin crew, as well as enhancing your general knowledge of destinations and travel habits.

This course combines well with other Level 2 courses and can be taken alongside English, Maths or Science GCSE for students who wish to improve their existing grade.

What topics will I study? 

This Level 2 course is an eight-unit course.

The units covered are:

  • The UK travel and tourism Industry
  • Customer Service in travel and tourism
  • Travel and Tourism destinations
  • Travel Agency operations
  • Introduction to guided tours
  • Know about airports and airlines
  • Career planning for travel and tourism
  • Work Experience in travel and tourism

The emphasis in lessons will be on investigation and problem solving more than note-taking. Assignments will require you to carry out your own research, analyse your information and present your findings, sometimes in the form of a written report or in an oral presentation to others.

Some research may be conducted as part of a group. Throughout the course there will be contact with travel and tourism organisations through visits and speakers.

What can I do after this course?

Students with the vocational Travel & Tourism qualification are very fortunate in having a wide choice of employment opportunities open to them once they complete their course. These would include working in travel agencies, holiday companies, airports and airlines or cruise liners.

Students can also progress to vocational

Level 3 Travel & Tourism qualification or to other related subjects, if they gain a Distinction for their qualification and a recommendation from their teachers.

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