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History is a very popular course and is one of the facilitating subjects which the Russell Group recommends for entry into higher education. The course also gives students an in depth study of events ranging from the 16th to 20th century and how the events of the past continue to affect our lives today.

This course is for you if...

...you enjoy academic study, the past and current affairs so a keen interest in national and world events.   

Where can this course lead to?

History is an excellent choice for students considering a wide range of careers. It is highly regarded in professional workplaces where employees are required to be literate, able to consider evidence and make analytical judgments. Many students also go on to enter higher education, particularly in the area of humanities.

What will I study on this course?

History is concerned with reconstructing and explaining the events and personalities of the past. It is a discussion between present and past.

The course has four major areas of study over two years:

  • Year 1: The Tudors: England 1485 - 1547  - This module looks at the consolidation of the Tudor Dynasty under the reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII
  • Year 1: Weimar Germany 1918-1933 - This module looks at the establishment of the Weimar Republic following the ‘defeat’ of World War One, the crisis, the Golden Years and the collapse into dictatorship
  • Year 2: The Tudors: England, Turmoil and Triumph 1547 - 1603 - This module looks at the ‘Mid-Tudor Crisis’ during the reigns of Edward VI and Mary I through the glittering triumph of Elizabeth I
  • Year 2: Nazi Germany 1933-1945 - This module investigates the rise of Hitler, the Nazi Dictatorship and the impact of war 1939-1945

The second year also has an area of study with course involved:

  • Year 2: Historical Interpretation - This requires the student to investigate historical issues through the completion of coursework. Currently this is on the American dream with an investigation into civil rights in America between 1865 - 1965

Extended opportunities and enrichment

The Humanities, Criminology & Law learning area often arranges trips both within the UK and overseas. Recent trips have included a visit with the Holocaust Educational Trust to Auschwitz and a trip to see the European Battlefields.

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