Mathematics in Context

Level 3

This course has been developed with an aim to set students up with practical, maths based skills they will use in future employment. 

This course is for you... want to continue your maths studies beyond GCSE but do not want to study for a full A level.

Where can this course lead to?

Maths skills are sought after employers and most students who take this course may be looking to go straight into work or higher education. Alternatively, students may be looking to supplement their knowledge for other Level 3 programmes in the areas of Social Sciences, Business or Geography for example. 

What will I study on this course?

There are four content strands selected on the basis of their relevance and application to a wide range of areas of study and employment:

  • Applications of Statistics: statistics is the study of the collection, organisation, analysis, interpretation and representation of data.  It plays an increasingly important role in life, study and employment in a wide variety of contexts.  It is used in areas of study such as actuarial science, biology, business and economics, IT and psychology.
  • Linear Programming: this is a problem-solving approach to achieve the best outcome (such as maximum profit or lowest cost) through consideration of conditions that can be modelled by linear relationships.  Linear programming models are used in industries such as transportation, energy, telecommunications and manufacturing.
  • Probability: probability is used to determine a numerical value for the chance or risk of events happening.  Probability theory has made significant contributions to almost all branches of science such as finance, science, artificial intelligence, business, computer science and philosophy.
  • Sequences and Growth: a mathematical understanding of sequences, growth and decay can be applied to a variety of real-life contexts and problem-solving tasks, including financial mathematics, population growth, epidemics, earthquakes and radioactive decay.

Extended opportunities and enrichment

Students will get to develop their maths knowledge alongside subjects for which maths is helpful but not essential, such as Social Sciences or Business courses.

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