Level 3

This course is for you if... 

  • you are the sort of person who likes to ask questions.

You will need to be able to prove your commitment and written abilities as part of the Itchen Radio team, producing a range of programmes in a variety of styles. Itchen Radio broadcasts across the college and Southampton.

This course is part of our Creative Arts Academy.

If you are serious about a journalistic career, it is advisable that you combine this with English Language, History, Economics, Sciences (if that is your inclination and skill area) and Modern Languages.

This may seem peculiar but many universities and employers look for traditional subjects when looking for journalists. Media and Film Studies are possibilities as additions, but most journalists have an area of particular expertise eg politics.

This is an enrichment qualification and will be additional to your core three subjects.

What topics will I study? 

Core units are:

  • Media production and audiences
  • Radio production

You will have explored:

  • Journalistic practice
  • Interviews, voxpops and audio editing
  • Analysis and development of journalistic texts
  • Creation of audio and print journalistic texts

What can I do after this course?

Many universities have Journalism courses and skills learnt on this course can be applied to a range of other careers and courses.

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