Media Studies

A Level

This is an expressive course, which allows students access to facilities such as our radio studio, green screen and professional camera and recording equipment. 

This course is for you if... are interested in how the mass media operate.

Taking this course also allows you to become a part of our Creative Arts Academy. 

Where can this course lead to?

There is a huge range of Media Studies courses available at higher education, some offering the chance to engage in advanced practical work and others focussing on media theory. An A Level in Media Studies will provide you with the analytical and creative skills necessary to embark on a wide range of other degree courses.

What will I study on this course?

At the start of the course you will focus on the key concepts which are your ‘toolkit’ for analysing media texts and will link to the other topics you study, including:

  • Media language
  • Media representation
  • Media industries
  • Media audiences
  • Values and ideology

During this introductory period you will have the chance to use camera equipment to explore the possibilities of film and TV language.

You will also explore the following:

  • The development of the media and film industry
  • A range of media theory
  • Analysing texts
  • Production skills
  • An understanding of current media technique

Extended opportunities and enrichment

You will be able to go on trips around the UK to visit media institutions and businesses. You will also be able to participate in writing and creating shows for Itchen Radio. 

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