How to Apply

We're glad you've decided to apply to study at Itchen College! Follow these steps to submit your application: 

The application process

  1. Contact the college directly by emailing, or go through our selected agents and representatives in your country, and we will answer all of your questions.
  2. Fill out an application form and then email or fax it to us. You can download the application form here. When sending it to us, please also attach a copy of your passport and your most recent school reports.
  3. We will interview you either via Skype, telephone or in person, and will give you a free English test and subject tests, where appropriate.
  4. If you meet our entry criteria, we will offer your a place to study with us, as well as all the guidance you need about studying in the UK.

Course choice options

On your application form you will need to tick one of these options:

  • A Level Programme
  • Pre-A Level IELTS Preparation Programme (for A Level or University)
  • High School Programme
  • EU Study Abroad Programmes
  • English as a Foreign Language (EFL)

Contact us directly for Group Study Tours.

We offer several course choices, so make sure you apply for the one that's best for you. If you'd like to read details about the subjects we offer, please go to our 'Courses' section.

What you need

  • Complete the Itchen College International application form
  • Academic reports from your current place of study
  • English language qualification (if you have one)
  • You qualifications and any certificates/achievements eg. music awards

Overseas representatives/Education agents

The college works with selected Overseas Representatives. They help you with your application and preparation for travelling overseas. A member of college staff visits their offices several times a year, and can meet you and your family there on scheduled visits. 

Course start date and academic year

The academic year in the UK runs from September to July.

September start: A Level Programme, High School Programme, English as a Foreign Language. 

January start: Pre-A Level IELTS preparation, High School Programme, EU Study Abroad programmes and English as a Foreign Language.

English as a Foreign Language has a range of other start dates depending on your English level at application.

Application deadline

We welcome applications throughout the year. Please be aware that, due to high demand, some courses get full quickly.

Our final application deadline for September start on the 1st August for all courses.

Our final application deadline for January start is 1st December.