International Success

We support all of our international students and help them to reach their full academic potential, no matter their ability or aspirations.

Below you will find just some of our successful international alumni who have gone on to study at universities all over the world.

Student success

Pascal Pawel Iwkin

Pascal Pawel Iwkin

Now studying: Economics at Kings College London

A Level Economics           A*

A Level Business               A*

A Level German                A

A Level Maths                    B

GCSE English                     B

Zhi Qi (Bruce Chee)

Zhi Qi (Bruce Chee)

Now studying: Mathematics and Statistics at Oxford University

A Level Maths & Further Maths  A*                                   

A Level Economics                         A                                                  

A Level Physics                                A                                                 

Extended Project                            A*      

James Ng

James Ng

Now studying: Medicine at University of Southampton 

A Level Maths                                     A*

A Level Biology                                  A*         

A Level Chemistry                             A            

IELTS                                                      8             

Ziyue Cai

Ziyue Cai

Now studying: Pharmacy at University College London

A Level Maths & Further Maths    A

A Level Chemistry                            A

A Level Physics                                  A

A Level Japanese                             A

Xueming Wei

Xueming Wei

Now studying: Accounting & Finance at University of Leeds

A Level Maths                                    A*       

A Level Accounting                          A*

A Level Chemistry                            A

IELTS                                                      7