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Francesco in Chemistry

I was very scared to look at my grades so when I saw my results I was extremely relieved to know that I had got the results I needed to fulfill my firm choice’s offer. When I saw my results, I definitely felt surprised as, although I knew I had put a lot of hard work into it, I was not so sure I was going to get an A in chemistry.

I am very proud to say that I am headed to the University College of London to study Psychology and Language Sciences, which is a relatively new degree at UCL. In my first year at college I had looked at this degree and thought it would be perfect for me, but I thought the entry requirements were too high for me. It’s quite funny how things have turned [out] and where my hard work and my supportive teachers have brought me to this point where I am about to enroll in that University that I thought to be so out of my reach.

My experience at Itchen has quite definitely shaped who I am today. I met many people who have, in their little ways, changed me. Taking A levels has taught me how hard work actually does pay off and that there’s truly nothing I can’t achieve if I set my mind to it.

I can’t however talk about my experience without mentioning all the doubt and fear that came with it. There were times when I felt so overwhelmed to the point that I simply did not see the point of trying anymore. All this self doubt lead me to not put enough effort in my studies for a good part of my two years, which ultimately lead me to get horrible grades on my mocks. These served as a sort of wake up call to me.That experience plus the support of my terrific teachers helped me understand how to work on achieving my goal of getting three A’s. I can’t thank my teachers enough. They truly put all their heart and soul into what they do and their support is one of the main reasons why they did not only not help me get my desired grades, they also helped me become the more mature and well rounded individual I didn’t know I could be.
- Francesco Pelliccio on his A-level Results

Student success

Francesco Pelliccio

Francesco Pelliccio

Now studying: Psychology and Language Sciences Bsc at University College London

Sociology - A

Psychology - A

Chemistry - A

Simona Zilinska

Simona Zilinska

Now: training for Cabin Crew for British Airways. 

Travel & Tourism - Distinction*

Cabin Crew Award - Pass

Galileo - Pass

Pascal Pawel Iwkin

Pascal Pawel Iwkin

Now studying: Economics at Kings College London

A Level Economics           A*

A Level Business               A*

A Level German                A

A Level Maths                    B

GCSE English                     B

Zhi Qi (Bruce Chee)

Zhi Qi (Bruce Chee)

Now studying: Mathematics and Statistics at Oxford University

A Level Maths & Further Maths  A*                                   

A Level Economics                         A                                                  

A Level Physics                                A                                                 

Extended Project                            A*      

James Ng

James Ng

Now studying: Medicine at University of Southampton 

A Level Maths                                     A*

A Level Biology                                  A*         

A Level Chemistry                             A            

IELTS                                                      8             

Ziyue Cai

Ziyue Cai

Now studying: Pharmacy at University College London

A Level Maths & Further Maths    A

A Level Chemistry                            A

A Level Physics                                  A

A Level Japanese                             A

Xueming Wei

Xueming Wei

Now studying: Accounting & Finance at University of Leeds

A Level Maths                                    A*       

A Level Accounting                          A*

A Level Chemistry                            A

IELTS                                                      7