Where are they now? Testimonials

Here is an exciting chance to see where the International Alumni of Itchen College are now.

Student success

Emanuela Tarantino - Italy

Emanuela Tarantino - Italy

"I feel a huge sense of achievement when I look back at my two years in Southampton. Five years ago, I decided to move to Southampton to study A-levels at Itchen College. This might sound quite normal for any UK student, however, for me it was a huge challenge. I was 16 and I moved to a host-family to pursue my dream of living in the UK, building a career and a future here. It was very challenging at first, I did not know the language very well, I was away from my family and friends and I did not know many people. However, with motivation and determination and the amazing support received from the International team at Itchen, everything started to feel a little easier.
When I received my results, the gratification I felt motivated me to do even more: move to Edinburgh for university. This experience at Itchen College has been so beneficial for me, I learned perfect English and I have developed many different skills. For example, cultural awareness and adaptability to multicultural environments, problem-solving by managing unfamiliar environments and dealing with many obstacles, and leadership by improving my confidence and communication skills. I will forever be proud of myself for taking that opportunity 5 years ago.
Currently I am in my final year studying MA (Hons) International Business and Spanish at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, I will graduate in May 2021. I am also applying for graduate jobs for next year and getting through the first interviews. I would not be where I am right now if I had not taken that opportunity five years ago. Thank you Itchen College."
Chiti Dhiana Lotus - Brazil

Chiti Dhiana Lotus - Brazil

"I studied at Itchen in 2017. Going to Itchen College was the first real sign of change I felt in my life. I was 12 when I decided I had to go abroad and 16 when I got on the plane to the UK. It was my first international flight by myself and from my first day at college I knew it was the beginning of a great time. The support I had from the teachers and coordinators was unbelievable and the friendships I made there will be in my heart forever.

Going to this exchange really changed my life for various reasons, not only because I got to see the world for the first time but because I experienced things that changed my view of it. When you go to an unknown country by yourself something is ignited in you, a sort of braveness is awaken in your heart because you have to deal with everything that is necessary to be there. However, at the same time you understand that there is support, there are so many good people out there to help you and that you don’t need to carry the world on your shoulders.

I have so many good memories from both Itchen and the UK and I am so grateful for the time I spent there. Still today, 3 years later, I tell stories from my days getting lost in those hallways and the trips we had together, I still contact frequently many of the friends I met there and I still think about my lovely teachers and tutors. Yes, I had challenges, I passed through my difficulties but it was all part of my growth and today I see how necessary those were to make me learn how to live my life.

I finished school when I came back to Brazil and I studied business afterwards. I am now working and this involves writing. In this writing there is always a taste of the freedom I felt for the first time when I was living in Southampton and walking to Itchen college everyday with my host-sister. I can only thank Itchen for the amazing time I had. They taught me much more than just school subjects It was there I opened my eyes for the first time and I am so grateful for all of you, thank you!"

Danielle Amin - Brazil

Danielle Amin - Brazil

"My name is Danielle Amin, I'm from Brazil and I took a short term exchange programme at Itchen College in 2016. I was only 16 back then and moving to England, even if for just a few months, it literally changed my perspective of life and of myself. My time in Southampton couldn't have been better. My host family were very friendly, they were always sharing their culture with me and helping me improve my english. I really felt like they were part of my family and I still keep contact with them. They even came to Brazil twice already to visit me and some other exchange students that they received before me.

Studying at Itchen College, I met so many people from so many different countries during my time that it's still unbelievable to me. Itchen is so popular with international students that everyday you meet amazing people from the most various places in the world; I had friends from Italy, Germany, Sudan, China, Slovakia, Spain, and so on. Personally I think that having contact with these many cultures during your studies is more than just a college experience, these are friends you'll get to have for your whole life and the more friends you have throughout the world, the more you learn about the world dynamics nowadays.

About the subjects, I took 4 courses at Itchen: Chemistry, Maths, English and Geography, all A level. In the beginning it was challenging because my English wasn't that good, but I've got a lot of help from the teachers and from my tutor and I managed to keep up with my studies. One thing I loved about Itchen was that no matter where you're from or what level you're at with your English, you'll always have support, whether from the great teachers or from the International Office, for example.

I could write a lot more about many other things I did during my time at Itchen, like all the trips I took with college and my friends, all my experience with my host family, all the stories about Southampton, and so on, but I want to tell you a bit about how Itchen has been changing my life here in Brazil. After I came back to my country I started to give English classes at a local English school in my city, Campinas. I think this was really important for me to keep my English fluent until today and it was a great first job experience.

During my time at Itchen I had so much contact with the exact sciences and I fell in love with chemistry in a way that I decided I wanted to be a Chemical Engineer. So after I graduated from high school in Brazil I applied to a university called Federal University of Uberlândia, or UFU, in the state of Minas Gerais. I moved to Uberlândia and a whole new life began for me as I was living in a whole new city, sharing an apartment with a colleague without my family around and many new responsibilities to manage. However, I loved living there and I think my experience at Itchen helped me a lot to deal with the "living alone" routine at the university and also it made me more adaptable to different realities and challenges in life.

I studied a year and a half of Chemical Engineering at UFU and on december of 2019 I managed to transfer to another uni in the state of São Paulo called Federal University of São Carlos, UFSCar, one of the greatest unis for the Chemical Engineering course here in Brazil. So currently I'm studying Chemical Engineering at UFSCar and I'm planning to make another exchange programme to Europe in the future as I really want to get to live in England again one day."