Alice's Work Experience at Solent Creatives

College News

Student Alice Wilmot had a great week working for Solent Creatives, a creative agency run by Southampton Solent University students for companies in Hampshire. 

As a student who studies Photography, Media, Creative Writing and Journalism, Alice had all the creative skills she needed to get stuck into her role. Below are some excerpts from the blog she wrote for Solent Creatives about her experience of the week. You can find the full post here. 

'My first task was to look through all of the Solent Creatives up to date promotion materials including their website, their leaflet and their booklets. I had to analyse the positives of each of the promotion materials and look for areas of improvement to make it more student friendly. This is so students would be able to make the most out of the materials.

'I really enjoyed going through the materials as I found that it helped me gain confidence in analysing skills which is something I have to do at college quite a lot. I also thought myself looking at the materials was also really positive because I could come away from the Solent Creatives team at the end of the week knowing I had put an input into their future materials.

'My final task on my first day was to complete some designs for some alternative movie posters to put around the university to advertise the courses that Solent Creatives run during term times. These include Freelancing and Creative Entrepreneurial Freelance Practice. I was excited to complete this task because I was able to understand exactly what the team wanted due to the skills I have learnt through media in college.

'On my last day at Solent Creatives, I was lucky enough for the opportunity to go on location to Carnival UK to be press for their 'Ship to Shore' event. The event allowed the staff at Carnival to get a taste of what products are sold onboard the ships including ice cream, gin and tea bags. My roles on the day included taking photos and helping the other crew members with their jobs. Working with people I hadn't met before was a good experience for me because I was able to gain skills to be able to work in a team. I really enjoyed taking photos on the day as I was able to advance my skills more in my photography. Overall, the day was fantastic and I gained massive experience in many areas.

'Overall, I had a fantastic week at Solent Creatives. Thanks to them, I have gained more confidence in my photography skills, my writing skills and my media skills. I have also been able to gain more confidence in myself and my own work as well as being able to work in a team and meet new people. I hope to be back at Southampton Solent University in 14 months time where I would like to do BA(Hons) Media Production and be part of the team at Solent Creatives.'

Well done to Alice for the hard work she put in during her Work Experience Week! You can also read student Ellen Strand's work experience article here.