BTEC/CTEC and GCSE Results - What You Need to Know

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For students who still need to collect their vocational (BTEC/CTEC) results or those collecting GCSEs, we have a quick guide for what you need to know.

BTEC/CTEC results

Results for vocational courses are coming into college throughout August and September so students can come into college between 9am - 4pm to visit the Exams Office (S34) and collect any certificates which may already be available. Results will be updated on IRIS when they have come into college, so if you are able to see them on the system, this means certificates should be available to collect in college.

If you have any questions about BTEC/CTEC certificates, you can call the Exams Office on 023 8043 5636.

GCSE results

GCSE results day is on Thursday 24 August and results will be available to collect from the Exams Office (S34) between 9am - 2pm. Results will be posted in the afternoon, so if you come into college after 2pm be aware that your results may have already been sent.

IGCSE results were posted to students on Thursday 10 August, so if you were sitting IGCSE English, you should have already received these results.

If you have any questions about GCSE results, you can call the Exams Office on 023 8043 5636.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

How do I access online results?

Login to ‘Student IRIS’. Students then need to go to the ‘Exams’ tab to see the exam results. If accessing on mobile/tablet, students will need to click the top right-hand three grey lines, go to ‘Tools’ and ‘Student IRIS’.

What do students have to bring along with them to collect results?

Students will need photographic ID eg student ID, passport or provisional/full driving license.

I am collecting results on behalf of someone else, what do I need to bring?

You will need a signed letter/note from the person whose results you are collecting giving you permission to do so and your own ID to confirm who you are. Without these, you will not be allowed to collect the results.

Can I collect my GCSE results after 2pm?

We posted students' results in the afternoon of Thursday 24 August. You can also access them online.

I can’t access results online, what do I do?

You need to come into college and speak to the Exams Office between 9am – 4pm if your IRIS account has been disabled. If you cannot come into college since you are away, call 023 8043 5636.

If you need your IRIS password resetting, please call the IT Helpdesk on 023 8043 9232. Passwords cannot be reset over email/social media, you must phone or come into college. 

I was told/had a letter telling me that I would need to pay exam fees. Where do I go to do this?

Students will need to come into college and speak to the Exams Office between 9am – 4pm. If they cannot come into college, students should call the Exams Office on 023 8043 5636.