Ladies Footballers Through to Quarter Finals of ECFA National Premier Cup

Football Academy

On Wednesday 1 February our ladies footballers got through to the final eight teams competing for the ECFA National Premier Cup. 

It follows an excellent 3-1 win against Barking Abbey in Essex and allows Itchen to top their group and progress to the quarter final. Itchen have won the knockout cup for the past three years and have now progressed from the Under-19 league to the Under-21 league due to their success.

The team is now set to play Bristol City (SCS College) in the quarter final on Wednesday 1 March. 

Steve Perkins, the coach for the ladies team, said, 'This was a superb win and reinforces Itchen’s position as the one of the strongest women’s college team in the country. After winning the Under-19 National Cup for the last three years, the girls were invited to compete in the Under 21-Premier Cup, which includes the academy teams of the professional clubs such as Birmingham City, Bristol City, Brighton and Hove Albion and Tottenham.

'To reach the last eight of this elite competition is arguably a more impressive achievement than any of the three previous national titles at Under-19 level, given the quality of the teams competing in the competition’.  

Congratulations to our ladies footballers and we look forward to seeing them play in the quarter final!