Cantell School Visit

Creative Arts Academy

On Friday 12 February, students from Cantell School came to visit Itchen Sixth Form College to use our brand new photography studio and develop materials for their school projects. The link is part of our Creative Arts Academy launch, from which we are encouraging local schools to get in contact and use our fantastic creative facilities.

The students were introduced to photography teacher Tim Riggs and learning area manager for Art & Design, Mike Viana. After listening to a presentation by Tim on photograms, which are pictures produced with photographic materials but significantly without a camera, the students went into the darkroom to create their own photograms.

None of the students had ever been into a darkroom before and were introduced to the type of facilities they might be using if they go onto college to do Art & Design. Once the photograms were developed, Photography teacher Tim Riggs was very impressed, saying the students had 'very successful creative outcomes.'

Following a break for lunch, students moved on to work in the photography studio, which Itchen renovated last summer. Many of the Cantell School visitors had never seen a professional photography studio before and relished the chance to get involved, including the teachers! They were introduced to digital cameras, professional studio lighting, modelling and direction, and high and low key lighting. This knowledge helped them take and direct portrait photos, which they went on to digitally manipulate with Adobe Photoshop.

The students and staff had an excellent afternoon visiting Itchen, leaving with more materials for their school projects and a new understanding of what they might be doing once they go to college. We look forward to welcoming more local schools into the college to use our state of the art, creative facilities!