What Happens Next?

UK 16-19

Enrolment at Itchen

You should have received a large envelope through the post containing various documents relating to our socially-distanced enrolment at the college in late August. This enrolment pack contained a personalised letter giving your appointment day and time. If you are an offer-holder and have not yet received a letter from us, please phone the college to make an appointment, and we will send you an enrolment pack.

We will not be enrolling remotely by phone or Zoom; we will be using a more personal, face-to-face approach, but we have modified the process slightly this year to ensure social distancing can be maintained. We will be extending the enrolment period and using various large spaces around the college campus so that we can avoid congestion. Please feel free to wear a face covering if you wish.

Please do not be nervous or apprehensive about the enrolment process; we will guide you through every step of the process. It is really important that you are enrolled on the right courses for you, so we take a lot of care over the process and your enrolment may take up to two hours.

Sports trials

The government has now relaxed restrictions, so it seems likely that our sports trials will be able to go ahead as planned. These will happen on Tuesday 1 September and Wednesday 2 September. More details will be available at enrolment.

College Induction

After your enrolment, and if you are not involved in the sports trials, you will not be required at college until Friday 4 September (if you are a second year continuing student), or on Monday 7 September (if you are a first year student starting new courses). After their induction day on the Friday, second year students will not be required at college on the Monday, which will be a day for first year students only. Normal timetabled lessons for all students begin on Tuesday 8 September.

Each of these induction days will start with a tutor period to cover a general college-wide induction. After a break, this period with your tutor will be followed by five short periods covering each of the five curriculum boxes, so you will also receive a course induction for each of your subjects and will be able to meet your teachers. Your personalised timetable for your induction day will be available on the timetable app (details to follow at enrolment). Contract buses will be running on these days.

Normal timetabled lessons

These begin at 9.40am on Tuesday 8 September. Your regular timetable will be available on the timetable app, and on IRIS.