Business Scavenger Hunt in Portsmouth


On Thursday 10 November, our Business students went to Portsmouth to do a scavenger hunt throughout the city. 

As part of their coursework, the students needed to work in teams to discover clues to questions they were given about areas in the city, including Gunwharf Quays, the Spinnaker Tower, Spice Island and the Guildhall. A big part of the challenge was taking photos throughout the route, for the students to use in their coursework to show where they had been.

Once the group arrived at Portsmouth and Southsea Station, they were sent off in two minute intervals so groups could be spaced out, with half the groups going a clockwise route around the city and the others anticlockwise. 

The task involved map-reading, following directions and using their initiative as a team, as they weren't supposed to ask others for information but discover it for themselves. 

The weather was unseasonably warm and the group had a fantastic time walking the one hour forty five minute route throughout the city, completing the questions that had been given to them. Some groups even ended up teaming up with each other as they followed the same route, though the competitive element meant they eventually split from each other. 

It was a race to get back to the station with the most completed answers first, and although no group managed to complete every single question, there was a good effort all round from the Business students. 

It was a great experience for the students and they will have lots to reflect upon in their coursework about their teamwork experience.