Business Students Visited By Major Telecommunications Company


On Wednesday 22 November 2017, business students were treated to a talk from the head of human resources at one of the UK’s largest independent businesses.

Parysa Hosseini-Sech is the head of human resources at Onecom, a telecommunications company based in Hampshire and she came into the college to give students an insight into her work.

Her guest lecture included giving students a look at what it is like to work in human resources at a nationwide company, tips on how to manage large groups of people and how to improve relationships with colleagues.

Parysa’s talk also gave our students an insight into the different types of jobs and positions available in a large national company, opening their eyes to jobs they may have never considered or known about before.

In addition to a look into her work, Parysa also gave students advice on how to prepare for interviews for when they leave Itchen to move into employment or higher education.

We would like to thank Parysa for visiting the college again and sharing her business wisdom.