Careers Day At St Monica School


On Wednesday 29 June, a group of our AS Business students took part in a Careers Day at St. Monica School. They spent the day conducting job related games and activities for the year 5 and 6 children, encouraging teamwork and talk about possible career options. Our students were among a wide variety of other professionals and educational establishments, including the University of Southampton, City College and the Merchant Navy.

One of the games involved stacking a pyramid of paper cups using nothing but an elastic band and four pieces of string. The children had to work together to pull the strings to stretch the elastic band and pick up the cups. They were surprisingly quick and celebrated loudly every time they completed each layer. The game gave the children the opportunity to improve their teamwork skills and taught them how to negotiate and work out problems to get a job done with another person.

Another game was a version of charades. Playing in groups of two of three, they took it in turns to enthusiastically act out various jobs, such as: doctor, police officer, and builder. The other people in their group then had to guess what it was, with the majority of them being successful. The hardest one in the batch seemed to be 'firefighter'.

Opening the afternoon session, head teacher Mrs Kathryn Bevan-Mackie said to her eager audience: "The world is your oyster. Time will fly by and suddenly you'll be in the world where you can choose your careers." Directing the first group over to the AS Business stand, she encouraged the children to interact with our students, saying: "Itchen College is just up the road and it's full of opportunities."