Accounting Visit by RBS


On Wednesday 13 April, a group of Accounting students were involved in a workshop from RBS.

The workshop detailed the routes into employment within the banking industry. It also talked the students through the RBS apprenticeship scheme and the work experience placements that they offer in Southampton, for those interested in working in the banking sector.

The guest speaker was a young man named Josh Lyons. At 17 years old, he had only recently left college himself and had been taking part in the apprenticeship programme for the past six months. Josh gave a first-hand view of what life was like on an apprenticeship with RBS, the application procedure and how the program had benefited him on his own career path. 

It was very inspiring for the students to see someone who, at a similar age, was so confident and enthusiastic about the apprenticeship scheme. It also gave the students an insight into a different route other than university for accounting qualifications.

For more information on the RBS apprenticeship scheme, go to their website