Budding Journalists Meet Ian Murray

English & Media

Taken from News@Itchen 03.03.2016, words by Emily Priest.

Budding journalists met the chief editor of The Daily Echo, Ian Murray. Bubbly, out-going and charismatic, he told us about the industry, as well as cracking a few good jokes!

He told us his story from when he realised he wanted to be a journalist, to working in a bank and to becoming a trainee news reporter. From sweaty, smelling and smoky news rooms to the demanding life of The Daily Echo, Ian has done it all! He visited Itchen to inspire  and influence us.

Ian described journalism as a ‘fabulous experience’ which he has ‘never regretted for tons of reasons’. Ian informed us of the industry and what would be expected of us such as a thick skin, being good at English yet most of all nosy!

‘It is a lifestyle’ he said, ‘yes you have to learn about delivery but you have to focus on what people love.’

He gave some wisdom for all of us, even journalism students can learn from it: never forget why you started, be passionate, go the extra mile yet most importantly, buy your boss or editor lots of tea or coffee!