A Creative Approach to Remembrance Day

English & Media

The college held its annual Remembrance Day event on 11 November 2015, inviting students, staff and guests to remember our fallen soldiers. Our Creative Writing students have also been remembering those who have died in combat in their own way.

The pieces were a part of the Creative Arts Academy launch and today, as part of Armistice Day, we would like to share some of the students' moving work with you.

Reid Bridges-Sutton, 'Fallen Soldier'
Laying still amongst charred debris, in a foreign land
A myriad of dirty greys and gleaming silken orange
The young man rests, slumped crooked
His weapon slung shoulder to hip, decorating him
An instrument of ash, smoke and death
Sucking life away and spitting venom
Now dripping with crimson
A menacing reminder of the debt that all young men will pay
Because under clear skies
Beneath the exhilaration and desperate cheers
Lies a grim truth that must be heard
That we must live on knowing
The young man will never return.

Emily Priest, an excerpt from 'Remembrance'
Upon the landscape lie the remains of our fallen. White skeletons stand in rows; silent, brave and proud. Like sentinels they stand watch under the dying sun, never forgotten, always missed. Hundreds of crosses stand as our soldiers once did, valiant, heroic, sure. I can see their faces, smiling beside brother, beside father. They unknowingly marched towards their mortality, driven by the old familiar lie: "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori".

Yet here, under the watchful sky, they shall rest at last. Here they can finally be at peace, beside their family and friends, beside the welcoming poppy. At last now, they can soar with unclipped wings.

The poppies embrace the graves and in silence, cradle them in deadly slumber. And, as they grow, they keep the dead in memory; enduring through the painful years. The warming crimson is timeless, as is the blood of our brothers. The days may be ephemeral yet the lost shall be eternal.

Ashton Crosby, 'Just how you did'
The leaves fell this autumn,
just how you did;
graceful, with content and complete integrity.

The snowflakes dribble through the sky,
just how you did;
with sorrow, but with peace.
We waited for the answers like a child waits for snow.

The dew drops settle on the grass,
just how you did;
settled on Flanders field,
now swarmed by poppies.

The sun glows on each window pane;
just how you did;
bright, full of life and the power to help me through the start of each new day.

The children scream with jubilation,
just how you did;
bouncing on your way to school,
your new sweater and gelled black hair.

The graduation hats dance in the air,
just how yours did;
a beam of a smile wiped on your face,
your blue eyes gleaming.

The church bells ring,
just how yours did;
when the bride, you, and the flower girl came out of the church.

My heart bleeds with pain,
just how yours did;
the gunshot harrowing your body.

The clock strikes 11:11.
A minute for you? Oh my darling, we owe so much more.