English Literature Students Attend Lecture Day at University of Portsmouth

English & Media

On Wednesday 2 November, a group of our English Literature A level students visited the University of Portsmouth to take part in a set of lectures on Othello, Antony and Cleopatra and The Handmaid’s Tale, which are all possible set A Level texts.

The day kicked off with a great quote from Neil Gaiman – former Portsmouth resident and famous author – about the importance of reading and writing fiction.

From there, students were treated to a very lively lecture about Othello and the modern-day parallels we can draw with the character and the play itself, moving on to an informative and interesting talk on Antony and Cleopatra, and the themes and characters inherent in Shakespeare’s work.

After a quick break with lots of tea, coffee and free biscuits, students then took part in a seminar on The Handmaid’s Tale, discussing the trustworthiness of Offred’s story (the protagonist), and the concept of the unreliable narrator.  

In particular, the students enjoyed the delivery of the lecture on Othello, and came away with new knowledge and understanding of the set texts for their A level. They found the day to be a good insight into university life, and were impressed by the lecturers, facilities and lecture rooms on the campus.