Radio Presenter and Sports Journalist Return to Itchen

English & Media

Itchen College welcomed back two of its successful alumni as Capital FM South Coast presenter Jono Holmes and respected sports journalist Stuart Appleby returned to give a talk to current journalism students.

The pair discussed how they went from studying at Itchen to landing their dream jobs.

Stuart recalled stories of how he gate-crashed red carpet events and snuck his way into interviewing celebrities such as David Attenbrough.

Stuart who now lives and in Dubai working for a sports publication, also talked about the many sporting superstars he has interviewed including José Mourinho, Roger Federer and all about a particularly embarrassing moment he endured whilst questioning Steven Gerrard,

Jono talked about the hours of unpaid work he had to do before securing his role as the Capital FM South Coast Breakfast show host. He also talked about how working in London and Birmingham prepared him for the role.

There was then time for students to put questions to the duo as they provided students with advice on attending university and advice on making their own portfolios.

When asked about how his time at Itchen had helped with his future career, Stuart said: “Itchen was a great platform to go on to university from, as the facilities here and the calibre of teaching were great.

“We had opportunities to do everything from radio writing, producing shows and online media. It was a really good platform for me to continue with my journalism journey and I have a lot to be thankful for Itchen College for.

“It’s cool to see the next generation of students and it makes you realise coming back you actually see yourself in their position when you were here and it’s good to see other students who have come through here and have progressed and they can hopefully draw some inspiration from that.”

It was great to have the pair back at Itchen and we would like to thank them for coming in.