TwiHaiku Competition

English & Media

Our English department recently ran a college-wide TwiHaiku competition, which had many entries from students and even a few staff members!

A TwiHaiku involves writing a poem in less than 140 characters, like a Twitter post. Many of the entries were very moving, creative and varied in content. 

Shaun O' Toole, Learning Area Manager for English, had the task of judging and announcing the winners live on Itchen Radio. He also conducted an interview with the Itchen Radio team as part of their 'Literati' show. 

Emily Priest, Katy John and Victoria Mills were announced as the winners. Their TwiHaikus are featured below.

The competition was an excellent way for students to express themselves and engage with English no matter what subjects they are taking. We look forward to seeing more competitions just like this in the future. 

Emily Priest: 

Even if you tore my heart out, I would still hold you hand. And with these lips I would kiss yours, bleeding as they ate me alive.

Katy John:

I will rip the sky open 

and pull down the moon

so if a frown meets your lips

I can hand it to you

Victoria Mills:

The wind cried out through the trees,

years like this had passed.

Dad still hadn't come home.