Goodbye Abracazebra!

Foundation Learning

For the last few months, our Essential Skills students have been taking part in Marwell Zoo's Zany Zebras project, and as of today, their sculpture is finally finished.

Named Abracazebra, our magical zebra has been dropped off safely with Marwell Zoo's team to be part of the upcoming trail throughout Southampton, along with 149 other fibre-glass zebras. They will be on display to the public for ten weeks, starting from Saturday 16 July 2016 and will be scattered across the city. Once the trail is over, Abracazebra will be brought back to college, where he will be on display for all of our students to enjoy.

While we get our smaller zebra sculpture back, the larger zebras will be auctioned off for charity, raising money to help conservation efforts for the endangered Grevy's zebra as well as to support communities living in the rangelands of northern Kenya.

A lot of hard work and effort has gone into the designing, painting, and finishing of our zebra sculpture and we think he looks fantastic. Well done and thank you to students Connie Connis, Tom Marlow, Nathan Verge, and Lee Venn for making Abracazebra look so good and for Essential Skills teachers Rose Fudio and Bryan Hatton, along with LSA Christine Barnes, for all of your support and assistance throughout the project.

Look out for Abracazebra on Marwell's Zany Zebra trail this summer and tweet us your pictures using #abracazebra!