Marwell's Zany Zebra Meets Student Magic!

Foundation Learning

Our Essential Skills students are continuing to work on their zebra sculpture and are beginning to prepare their initial design.

Students spent one lesson designing their zebra looks on Adobe Photoshop. The zebras were all designed with magic in mind, as our students have chosen magic as the main theme of their zebra sculpture.

In their next lesson, the class were able to see their designs projected onto the zebra itself. It took much technological difficulty but once these issues were solved, the designs looked fantastic.

The exercise also allowed the students to decide which design they thought would be best. The final design will be submitted for approval by Marwell Zoo in January and once approval is given, the students can begin work on the main sculpture!

Later in the year, the students will use this method of projection to pencil the outline design of their zebra before getting stuck in with painting. Before approval however, students will be practising painting their designs on their mini zebras.

We're looking forward to seeing more developments from our Essential Skills team in the new year and are sure the end results will be magical!