Marwell's Zany Zebras Come to Itchen!

Foundation Learning

Marwell Zoo has launched a brand new project called Marwell's Zany Zebras and Itchen Sixth Form College are one of the many businesses and institutions which have rushed to join the ‘stampede’.

Our Essential Skills students will get the chance to design and paint a zebra sculpture in a unique and creative way. Once completed, the zebras of all the organisations taking part will be scattered around Southampton city centre throughout the summer of 2016 for members of the public to enjoy.

Rose Fudio, one of the co-ordinators of Itchen’s zebra sculture, said, ‘Participating in Marwell’s Zany Zebras project is a great opportunity for the Art students as it will provide them with a well-deserved sense of pride and achievement for themselves and for Itchen Sixth Form College.'

To begin preparing for the project, our students started work on their own small wooden zebras, on which they would plan their designs. The students also visited Marwell Zoo, where they had the chance to see Gilbert, Marwell’s own Zany Zebra.

We look forward to welcoming our zebra sculture to Itchen and seeing the incredible work our students will put into designing and painting the sculpture.