Zebra Poetry

Foundation Learning

Our Essential Skills students are working on a project called Marwell's Zany Zebras, which is being run by Marwell Zoo. 

The project revolves around the Grevy's zebra, very similar to the Go! Rhinos project of 2013. Schools, colleges and businesses across Southampton have signed up to design their own zebra sculpture which will be displayed across the city centre in summer 2016. 

Our blank zebra will arrive on Monday 23 November, but until then, as part of the project our students have been writing poetry revolving around the Grevy's zebra. Here are their works:

Lee Venn:

Zebras are wise
They could be the size of a car
They can be strong and fierce
But with a kind gentle heart
Covered in black and white stripes all over my legs,
My back is stripy, my head is too, my mane is stripy and...
I wear pyjamas the whole day through.

Nathan Verge:

Zebras can camouflage
They can be fierce and strong
They are black and white
They are eating a lot
They are too slow to run
They are as big as a car
But my little Zebra will be colourful and fun.

Tom Marlow:

I'm a little zebra
I'm wise and colourful
I'm fast
I'm strong
I'm fierce
I'm black and white
I'm protecting my herd.

Connie Connis:

I'm black and white and stripy too
Can camouflage, so I don't get eaten too.