Amy Offered Job with British Airways

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Congratulations to Amy Darling, who has been offered a job working with British Airways as a member of their cabin crew. We spoke to Amy about her experience applying for roles with TUI and British Airways as well as her time at the college.

What were your interviews like for TUI (formerly Thomson and First Choice) and British Airways?

Amy: Both interviews with TUI and British Airways were quite intense.

For TUI’s Resort Representative job there was an online assessment, video interview and Maths and English tests before I was invited to an assessment centre. At the assessment centre I had to travel to Birmingham where I did the assessment day. The morning was an introduction about the company, role plays and group activities, and from there I was selected to go onto the second part of the day which was a two-on-one interview. Part of the day involved presenting an excursion sale so I was sent a lot of resources by TUI and had lots prepare.

Before coming to Itchen I had already interviewed with British Airways and not been accepted, so that’s part of the reason why I wanted to come to the college and do the Cabin Crew course.

Are you excited to get started with your new job?

Amy: I’m really looking forward to it. I’m hoping to start with British Airways from July but there’s a lot to prepare first. I need to do security checks, medical tests, get my working visas and get my uniform fitted, which can take between one month and three months.  

What has your experience of Travel & Tourism been like at Itchen so far?

Amy: It has been really good, I really like it. The teachers are supportive and helped with my CV for the jobs. For the TUI interview I performed my excursion sale to the teachers so they could give me tips on interviewing. They've also been understanding about coursework since I’ve taken time out to do work experience and go to the interviews.

What inspired you to work in the Travel & Tourism industry?

Amy: I’ve always liked the idea of travelling and seeing new cultures and I thought being in the travel industry would be the best way to do that. When you’re travelling between countries for work you can have days between your next flight, so it’s a chance to go out and see different places.

Would you recommend the Travel & Tourism course to other students?

Amy: Yeah definitely. The extra subjects (Galileo, Introduction to Cabin Crew, Resort Representatives and Travel Services) are really useful for Travel students because they link in together and cross over with each other. I’ve got a better understanding of Travel from doing the extra qualifications than people who don’t. They can help build up your CV too.

How did Itchen prepare you for your job?

Amy: The Work Experience Coordinator at the college organised a week placement at Co-Op Travel in Bitterne for me and that was quite helpful. Travel is all about customer service and it taught me about that, and the customer experience. They used the Galileo booking system too so I was familiar with that from the extra course I take here. The teachers were also supportive and helpful when I went for my job interviews.

What advice would you give to any other students considering working in the travel industry?

Amy: My advice would be that if you’re studying at Itchen, definitely take advantage of the extra Travel & Tourism courses they run as they’re worth it even if you have a fuller timetable. Use the teachers too as they have a lot of help and support to give.

When applying for work in travel, apply to as many jobs as you can because it’s better to turn something down than rest everything on one job. Apply again if you can like I did with British Airways, though some might require you reapply within six months. When going for interview get feedback from the employers, even if they turn you down. Consider getting work experience too as that can be really helpful to stand out from the crowd. Finally remember that there can be lots of individual stages when applying for travel jobs so be prepared to take that on.

Thank you to Amy for speaking to us and we wish her the best of luck with her new cabin crew role at British Airways!

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