Anna and Nikol's Experience of Travel & Tourism

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Congratulations to Anna Szilagyi who was recently awarded Employee of the Month at her workplace of Premier Inn, Southampton Airport. We spoke to Anna and her colleague and classmate, Nikol Nikolova, about their work at Premier Inn and their experience with Travel & Tourism at Itchen.

What are your roles at Premier Inn?

Anna and Nikol: We work as ground floor team members, which means we work breakfast and dinner shifts, as well as working on Reception. Anna works at the bar too since she is 18 and allowed to serve alcohol. It’s a really varied role.

What has your experience of Travel & Tourism been like at Itchen so far?

Anna and Nikol: We really like it. The course goes with the job and helps for example with the marketing side, knowing how to handle customers and representing the business. We have been able to apply what we’re doing at Premier Inn within our coursework which has been really useful.

Has studying Travel & Tourism helped you in your part-time jobs?

Anna and Nikol: Yes because knowledge is really important in the industry. Travel & Tourism teaches you the basics of working with customers. For example, when apologising to customers Sheila taught us when its right to apologise and only to apologise if you’re guilty, so you learn how to deal with customers in a way that helps protect you and the business.

Do you think it’s important to have that work experience for going into the Travel & Tourism industry?

Anna and Nikol: It’s really important, you can’t learn how to interact with customers from books, you have to experience it.

What inspired you to want to work in the Travel & Tourism industry?

Anna: I’ve always wanted to get to know new cultures and I wanted to study a subject where you can understand new cultures and meet new people.

Would you recommend Travel & Tourism to other students?

Anna and Nikol: Yes, definitely. You need to be interested and self-motivated, but if you are you’ll really enjoy it. When you enjoy it, it gets a lot easier; if you choose the subject, you have to believe in it and put in 100%.

You get to be with people who inspire you too, you can share ideas with the class and people who want to work in the same industry as you. The Travel & Tourism team are great too, they’re really supportive and have a lot of experience from the sector. 

Thanks to Anna and Nikol for speaking to us about their roles and experience with Travel & Tourism. If you would like to share any of your experiences of your learning area or work experience with us as a current or former student, get in touch at