Geography Alumni: Chris Wagstaff

Geography, Travel, Humanities & Modern Languages

Chris Wagstaff studied at Itchen between 2011 and 2013. He studied Geography, History, Psychology and World Development, and went on to study at International Relations at the University of Plymouth. See his story below!

'My name’s Chris and I studied Geography at Itchen between 2011 and 2013. Doing so gave me a real perspective on some pressing international issues such as water conflicts and the impacts of global warming.

'Deferring university for a year I went on a gap year that took me to the Middle East, including Israel, the West Bank working on a number of eco-building projects and Oman where I learnt to scuba-dive.

'In early 2014 I went to Nepal for four months where I taught English in a rural village and visited Tibet. Everywhere I went I applied and enhanced the knowledge I gained from my Geography A Level, chief among which being seeing the first-hand the impacts of water conflicts between Israel and its neighbours and that of climate change on communities in the Himalayas.

'Starting at the University of Plymouth in 2014, I began a three year degree in International Relations. I chose this degree because I wanted to find out more about how the world works and how international events can have direct local consequences.

My Geography A Level put me in a great starting position to contribute to issues related to the environment, international development and geopolitics. In my spare time I was a member of the university’s Nerf-Gun society and was its chairman for two years.

'Never one to stay in the UK, I visited Dubai in January 2015 and returned to Nepal that March for a two week trek in the west of the country, missing the earthquake epicentre by 8 days! In 2016 I went on a field trip to Zambia with my university to look at the impacts of development processes and foreign mining interests.

'Having just graduated with a first class degree, I’m now applying for graduate schemes in a number of government departments including the foreign office. Other options for me include the RAF and a variety of roles in travel companies and the intelligence services.

'My time studying Geography at Itchen really ignited my interest in the world and how it works. It inspired me to travel and to eventually take my degree at university. The Geography course at Itchen was fantastic and I will always have fond memories of my lessons and field trips.' 

We wish Chris the best of luck with his future career!