Geography Alumni: Jane Batchelor

Geography, Travel, Humanities & Modern Languages

Jane Batchelor studied at Itchen between 2012 and 2014, and studied Geography, Biology, Environmental Science and World Development. She went onto study Environmental Conservation at Bangor University. See her story below!

'I joined Itchen College looking to work towards a degree in Zoology and pursue a career in wildlife conservation. I learned about global issues, about how environmental systems work and about incredible conservation efforts worldwide.

'Studying these subjects helped me to understand that conservation is not a simple concept. To conserve wildlife, you need to know more than just animal biology and behaviour; you also need to understand their habitat and how it functions, the interactions between animals and their environment and how human actions effect wildlife.

Because of what I learnt I decided to change my course of action and study an Environmental Conservation degree. This degree allowed me to get a much wider knowledge of the conservation field and because of this I am a much better conservationist. 

'My degree has allowed me to travel to many incredible places and work with some amazingly inspirational people. I’ve worked clearing invasive plant species in England, climbed a volcano in Tenerife carried out mark and recapture traps on mice in Wales, seen baby turtles hatching in Greece and tracked a leopard using radio telemetry in South Africa! 

'I finished my undergraduate dissertation on “UK bat species and climate change” where I learnt to use one of the newest GIS computer modelling systems. Currently, I’m studying in Canada for a year at the University of Alberta and seeing moose and getting a better global understanding of conservation outside of Europe. 

'Pursuing a career in the conservation sector has been the most incredible experience of my life. In this field, no day is the same, there are always surprises and the opportunities that you receive can be breathtaking. If you want to make a difference to the planet, and get the bonus of seeing a few of worlds wonders, then I would highly recommend studying Geography and Environmental Sciences!'

Well done to Jane for the progress she has made in her career so far, and we look forward to seeing what's next for her.