A Level

Mathematics is an essential course for anybody who is looking to go into a career involving Medicine or STEM subjects such as Chemistry or Physics. It is also highly valued by employers and higher education institutions in general.

This course is for you if... want to develop your higher GCSE mathematical skills and are aiming for a university course with some mathematical content.

Where can this course lead to?

A Level Mathematics is a much sought-after qualification for entry to a wide variety of full time courses in higher education. At this level some will choose to study maths in its own right, leading to careers in, for example, finance, accounting, actuarial science and teaching.

A Level Mathematics is also an essential requirement for many university courses such as physics and engineering and is very valuable as a supporting subject for many courses at A Level and degree level, especially in the Sciences.

Careers for mathematicians are varied and include working in the finance, accounting, science, engineering, technology and teaching industries. An A Level in Mathematics demonstrates that you have good analytical and problem-solving skills.

What will I study on this course?

In the first year, two out of the three modules are pure mathematics which looks at the key mathematical processes, techniques and skills you need to solve equations and work with functions and graphs. You will extend your knowledge of algebra and trigonometry as well as learning fresh concepts such as calculus.

The third module provides an opportunity to apply your mathematics to model the real world using either statistics or mechanics. In statistics you will learn how to analyse and summarise numerical data and how to use probability distributions to model real life events and their outcomes. In mechanics you will learn to mathematically model how the motion of an object responds to the forces applied to it.

Mechanics is the recommended applied module if you also study Physics. If not, then you are strongly advised to choose the statistics application.

The same pattern continues in the second year as you take on another three modules (two pure and one applied mathematics) as you work to gain A levels Mathematics.

Extended opportunities and enrichment

Those aiming for higher education will get the chance to visit universities, be involved in taster sessions for STEM subjects and explore Maths in much greater depth than at GCSE level.

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