Awards for National Cipher Challenge

Mathematics, Computing & Science

On Wednesday 15 March, five of our most able mathematicians visited Bletchley Park for an awards ceremony as part of the National Cipher Challenge.

The National Cipher Challenge is run by the University of Southampton's Mathematics department and encourages teams of maths students in schools and colleges around the UK to take part.

Eight challenges were set between October and December which our students had to decode, with various ciphers being used within the challenges.

Itchen's team came 62nd out of 750 teams across the UK, meaning our mathematicians were in the top 10% of the national results! It was a great result and an excellent opportunity to visit Bletchley Park for the awards, known as home of the codebreakers during World War Two.

Well done to the whole team and especially to team leader Warren Park, who did a fantastic job of not only solving many of the weekly challenges but also teaching the other students about cryptography.

Teacher Rachel Shipsey said, 'I was very proud of them all. Hopefully next year Team Itchen will do even better.' We look forward to seeing where they place in next year's competition!