MOOV2 Visit for Digital Day

Mathematics, Computing & Science

On Tuesday 15 November, Jack and Dan from technology firm MOOV2 came into the college as part of the nationwide campaign, Digital Day.

As part of Digital Day, 30 IT students spent the whole day with Jack and Dan creating campaigns in small teams on issues such as poverty, obesity causing cancer and money matters.

The task was for the teams to choose an issue and around that, create a computing-based and creative campaign which could educate young people and help them understand how they could help combat these issues in society. 

After a lot of hard work, at the end of the day all the teams had to deliver their presentations to the judges Jack, Dan, Learning Area Manager, Steph and teacher Lisa. 

The students came up with a whole host of ideas to tackle the issues, including games, apps, interactive websites and an artificial reality experience. The concepts were well thought out and impressed our judges so much that it took ten minutes for them to deliberate in the hallway over who the winners would be. 

Every category of issue had a winner, and the winning teams included:

Well done to the winners and all the students involved, the day was a fantastic way to consider how computing can tackle important issues in society, and a great way to celebrate the importance of digital technology. 

Our winners will now be submitted towards the national Digital Day campaign, where the groups may have a chance at winning Thorpe Park tickets, tickets to Vue Cinemas or a cash prize! You can find out more about Digital Day here.