Social Sciences & Care Video

Social Sciences & Care

We are excited to launch our brand new Social Sciences & Care video! The area features Psychology, Sociology, Health & Social Care and Childcare. 

The video represents the courses in the learning area, our students' experiences and reflections from our alumni. It's a brief snapshot of life in the department and will soon be accompanied by smaller course videos to give a more in-depth insight into each course in the area. 

Thank you to all who took part in the video including our teachers, students in our classes and those we interviewed. The interviewees include: Phoebe, Luke, Corrin, Lauren, Skylar, Jake, Taylor, Deanna, Liam, Megan, Aaron, Bradley, John, Olivia, Jade, Chloe (alumni), Camilla (alumni), Ryan (alumni), Beth (alumni), Issie L (alumni) and Issie T (alumni).

To find out more about Social Sciences & Care, come along to our Open Evening on 9 May, 5pm - 8pm and come chat to our fantastic team!