Sociology Students Fundraise to Help the Local Community

Social Sciences & Care

Itchen Sociology students raised over £340 for Women's Aid in Southampton to help stop the organisation from closing its doors. This valuable cause was highlighted by Nicole-Paige Conduct, a Sociology student whose mum works for the charity.

The students spent the day walking round the college and classrooms to try and raise as much money as possible. This was a great achievement and the students have got off to a flying start raising money for such a good cause. 

This was one of two events the department created in order to raise awareness and funds for charities in Southampton. The second was students donating toiletries to give to two local homeless shelters in the city. They generously collected shampoo, shower gel and particularly women's sanitary products.

This cause developed from a class discussion around current gender inequality within our society. The luxury tax on women's sanitary products was identified as a key area of inequality and it prompted Chloe Saint to ask the insightful question that both staff and students hadn't considered, which was what do homeless women do? Students felt that this was an inequality we could raise awareness for and fundraise to readdress inequality on a local level.

When Itchen delivered the donations to local homeless shelters they were overwhelmed at the generosity of staff and students at the college. The Sociology department is very proud of their students' contributions to help the local community and may they continue to be a force for social change.