Sociology Trip to Krakow

Social Sciences & Care

From Monday 6 March to Wednesday 8 March, our Sociology students visited Krakow in Poland to consider their studies in a historical context. 

Student Clare Maguire reflects on her experience:

'The city of Krakow is truly beautiful. Every step taken is a step towards discovery. On the surface, it's filled with grand old buildings, churches and castles. Underneath, sometimes literally underground, you will find quaint cafes, lively jazz bars and traditional restuarants. Everything here feels preserved, the antique state of every statue, streetlamps kept untouched. Remnants of history scattering every part of the city, each with a story to tell. It feels overwhelming with only a few days to explore, not a moment to spare with so much to see.' [Taken from News@Itchen 24.04.17]

As well as exploring the city of Krakow itself, the students also took a trip to World War Twp concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, which was a moving and fascinating experience for our students.  

The trip was an excellent way for our students to explore sociology in more depth and we look forward to more trips from Social Sciences & Care in the future!