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Psychology is a massively popular course among students and does not necessarily need to be taken at GCSE. Many students go on to study it further at higher education.

This course is for you if... wish to understand 'what makes people tick' and are fascinated with understanding human behaviour and the causes behind it.

Where can this course lead to?

Psychology is a very useful subject for any career where you interact with people. Occupations such as journalism, nursing and marketing all welcome trainees who have studied Psychology. If you are considering higher education, Psychology can be an invaluable subject. 

Because it sits on the boundary between arts and science subjects, it combines elements of both. If you choose the arts route, Psychology shows a competence in scientific thinking and numeracy that will add breadth to your skills. Similarly, the science route can often lack the opportunity to show your ability to construct a well-argued essay, but Psychology will show you can do this.

What will I study on this course?

In this linear course you will study for three papers:

  • Paper 1: Past To Present
  • Paper 2: Investigating Behaviour
  • Paper 3: Implications In The Real World

Key assumptions, applications to therapy, classic research and contemporary debates will form part of the first component. Our aim here is to give you a solid grounding in some of the basic core aspects of Psychology. The study of classic research will allow you to gain an appreciation of psychology that continues to develop and evolve.

Psychology undoubtedly has its roots in science and scientific study. The aim of the second paper will be to examine research as a skill, developing your understanding of the key principles of research as well as getting you to complete your very own personal investigations – which will be assessed within the context of the exam. You will also be expected to apply your research method knowledge to novel research scenarios and give judgements about these.

For your third paper we will be working with you to further your understanding of the implications psychological research has in the real world.

You will study a range of topics from the following list:

  • Addictive behaviours
  • Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Bullying behaviours
  • Criminal behaviours
  • Schizophrenia
  • Stress

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