Body Armour Donation for Public Services Students

Uniformed Services, Law & Criminology

Uniformed Services aims to prepare their students as much as possible for future careers in the police force, army and ambulance services, among other careers, and therefore the department works with companies to provide real equipment for students to use and experience.

As part of this, Uniformed Services have been working with SafeGuard Clothing, an international manufacturer and distributor of body armour. The college has kindly accepted a donation from SafeGuard of one of their bullet resistant vests, which will help us provide the students in our Public Services courses hands-on examples of the kinds of vests they will be using later in their career.

Speaking for SafeGuard, Thomas Bowman explains: 'Samples of our bullet proof vests provide a first-hand look at items many people will otherwise not get their hands on and understanding how these vests work before they are needed is a tremendous advantage.'

These vests provide a hands-on experience for our Uniformed Services courses and can be used in a variety of educational scenarios, such as role-play. 

To find out more about what future careers these vests may be used in, including the police force and army, click here