Countdown to Field Gun Competition

Uniformed Services, Law & Criminology

Last year our Uniformed Public Services students took on the Junior Leaders Field Gun Competition, held at HMS Collingwood in Fareham and the time has come for them to prepare yet again!

The final is taking place on 8 July this year so the students have lots of preparation to do, including training alongside other colleges and organisations at HMS Collingwood, before they get to the competition.

The team will be competing against various others, including Fareham College, Chichester College and Highbury College, as well as universities from around the country and military personnel in training such as the Royal Navy and Royal Army. 

The competition is a big event and this year is being sponsored by the Royal Navy Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC). We will be keeping you updated with the teams' progress as they work towards the competition final. To find out more about what happened last year, read the article here