Emily's Parliament Work Experience Diary: Day 1

Uniformed Services, Law & Criminology

First year student Emily Dartmouth is currently undertaking a one week work experience placement as one of Royston Smith MP's parliamentary assistant. This is her diary from her first day on the job.

I have had the best day ever. It has been so good. Firstly, I walked into central lobby and the receptionist rang through to Alex Evelyn, Royston's assistant. Whilst I was waiting I got talking to the nicest policeman ever! He took me down to the chambers underneath where the members of the state go when they die and where funerals and weddings occur. We even both squeezed into the suffragettes room where Emily Davison hid. It’s so beautiful and surreal down there. Then I met Alex and he is so lovely. I sorted out Royston’s mail into three sections, these were constituencies, invites and Westminster. There was so many invites and so many letters regarding Brexit also.

I then made questions that Royston could potentially ask to members of Parliament, for example, I asked the Minister of State what their policy is for child abuse and the Minister of Health what is the impact of cyber bullying on children?

A man that is campaigning and would like Royston to sponsor him came in and showed us the air pollution within the room. There was meant to be an average of 4.2 for the levels of carbon dioxide but there was a level of 8.5. He stated that the levels go up if you are sat within the office all day but we were only in there for half an hour!

We then made our way back to Central Lobby at around 2:30pm when we watched the Speaker walk into the Commons. Alex managed to get me a ticket for the special public gallery which was right at the front behind the glass. This was when the questions that had been sent to Parliament was answered by the debating MPs. It was so funny to watch them shaking their heads at one another and getting really sarcastic. I watched debates about how the refugees are lonely and discriminated. I also observed debates about how the public services should get more pay in which the MPs were for.

Then Theresa May came in for her announcement. She was explaining about G7 and about the pollution in the oceans and how her and many other countries are working together to remove it. Also, she stated about the trades that will occur when we leave the EU and how we need to do what’s right for the UK. She stated that the USA and UK already have such a good trade relationship. She was very sided with Trump and it got heated when someone disagreed, usually Jeremy Corbyn. I was here until 5 until Alex came to get me as it was time to leave. Although, I would’ve liked to hear the discussion about the Grenfell Tower.

On Tuesday, I will be observing some Delegated Legislation as I mentioned that is one of my favourite topics of law. However, Royston thinks I will be disappointed! Then on Wednesday, I think I am attending Prime Minister's Questions which I am over the moon about. Thursday, we may be sitting on the terrace, fingers crossed!