Itchen Receive Body Armour Donation from SafeGuard Clothing

Uniformed Services, Law & Criminology

SafeGuard Clothing has donated a bulletproof vest to provide a hands-on experience to Itchen students in the Uniformed Services Academy.

SafeGuard Armour and Clothing is a worldwide manufacturer and distributer of body armour and is involved in research and development for new materials to enhance the wearability of protective body armour for front-line services.

As part of their work with regional and national education institutions, SafeGuard is committed to providing guidance on the delivery of industry information to give students a unique insight into the body armour which some might use later on in their career.

Thomas Bowman, speaking on behalf of SafeGuard Clothing, said, 'We are happy to be working with Itchen Sixth Form College and provide assistance to their students through samples of our bulletproof vests. We believe this gives them a unique advantage later in their careers in understanding how protection against knives and guns actually works.'

Mark Hughes, Learning Area Manager for Unformed Services Academy, expressed his gratitude to SafeGuard for their kind donation. He said, 'Such donations provide our students with progressive learning experiences that advance their knowledge and skills in their chosen field. They also create vital opportunities for role play that can only enhance the quality of our educational programme.'

We thank SafeGuard for their kind donation and look forward to seeing the students learn from it.