Junior Leaders' Field Gun Competition

Uniformed Services, Law & Criminology

On Friday 8 July, our Uniformed Services Academy competed in the annual Junior Leaders' Field Gun Competition, which was held at HMS Collingwood in Fareham.

The Itchen team have been training for several weeks to compete in the competition which saw them go up against teams from other colleges, including Chichester, Fareham and Highbury, as well as army and navy teams, such as HMS Collingwood and HMS Sultan. 

The competition required lots of physical effort, creating the field gun and loading it to fire before dragging it back towards the finish. In the last day of training on Thursday 7, as well as in the real competition, the guns made fake firing sounds, adding to the drama of the event. 

Our Itchen team competed well and a few students even supported members of other teams and colleges where they did not have enough bodies to compete. Although the team didn't take home any prizes, they should be incredibly proud of the work they have done and their impressive run both in training and in the competition.

Some students will be attending the Field Gun Presentation Evening on Tuesday 19 July, which is open to all of the Field Gun team from Itchen as well as their families. The evening will celebrate their hard work and dedication, and the end of a fantastic event. 

To see more about the Field Gun Competition, see our Flickr album here and the article by Portsmouth News here.