Uniformed Services Awards Evening

Uniformed Services, Law & Criminology

On Tuesday 21 June, the Uniformed Services department came together at the Masonic Hall in Woolston to celebrate another amazing year at Itchen.

The event was also an opportunity for those who are leaving this year to come together and say their goodbyes to their fellow classmates and teachers.

A variety of certificates and trophies were handed out to those who have showed grit, determination and improvement throughout the year. Everyone who succeeded in getting an award or trophy well deserved it.

The Awards Evening wasn't just for the award winners, but for people to collect their certificates for activities they have done throughout the year (such as Duke of Ediburgh awards, first aid awards, a powerboating licence and a variety of other watersports).   

Below is a list of some of the award winners:

Level 2 Highest Academic Achiever – Radoslaw Korzeniewsk

Level 3 Public Services (double) Highest Academic Achiever – Ilja Griscenko

Level 3 Public Services (triple) Highest Academic Achiever – Harrison Shotter

NCFE Level 3 Student of the Year – Jacob Hansford

BTEC Level 3 (double) Student of the Year – Holly Carless

BTEC Level 3 (triple) Student of the Year – Lewis Bridle

Killacky Cup – Holly Carless

Well done to Tamara Beech, Olimpia Cichowlas, Radek Korzeniewski, Stephen Smith, and Brandon Wright for achieving 100% attendance throughout the whole year. 

The evening was a great success and a fantastic way to end what has been a very successful year for Uniformed Services.

Words written by Gabrielle McIntyre.