Uniformed Services Enter Junior Leaders' Field Gun Competition

Uniformed Services, Law & Criminology

On Friday 6 July, after a long week of preparation, a team of our talented Uniformed Protective Services students took to the tarmac at HMS Collingwood in Fareham to compete in the final of the annual Royal Navy’s Junior Leaders Field Gun competition.

The sun was scorching as the UK struggled through a heat wave, but that did not stop our students from rehearsing, racing up and down the track dragging a field gun behind them, assembling it as fast as they could and firing. Months of preparation had lead up to this competition and they were almost ready.

On the final day of rehearsal, student Maddie Brown broke her ankle when she was caught underneath the gun, reminding the students of the seriousness of the task and that the equipment they were using was very much real.

In true Itchen Spirit however, Maddie was back on the base the next day for the final, cheering them on after surgery to repair the break. She even featured as a guest of honour, riding on top of the canon box, and receiving a special mention at the prize-giving.

During the final Itchen suffered a faulty canon, receiving penalties for it not firing correctly and, despite strong performances, the team did not place. First place went to HMS Neptune and the first, second and third plates to Chichester College, Victory Squadron and the Sea Cadets.

The team did Itchen proud and all came home with lots of experience under their belts, which will help enormously with their future in the uniformed services.