Uniformed Services Goes Dry-Slope Skiing

Uniformed Services, Law & Criminology

Our Uniformed Services students have been preparing for their ski trip in February by visiting the Alpine Snowsports Centre in Southampton, where they can go dry-slope skiing. 

Dry-slope skiing uses an artificial surface to simulate skiing on snow, so the trips have been a great way for the students to learn how to ski and practice their moves before the real experience in February. 

Uniformed Services student Abbey Treasure said, 'Students went down to Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre. In my opinion skiing was one of the best activities that I have taken part in on this course or even in my life, it was terrifying at first but after a few times you couldn’t get me off the slopes!

'The instructors were very friendly. The rain made the experience better due to it making the slopes even faster. I just can’t wait to go again next week!'

As we count down until the ski trip to Austria, we'll be sure that our Uniformed Services students will be prepared from their time on the slopes!